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Building partnerships for 30+ years

At Polar, our approach to partnership is what makes us different, in working with our investors, our business partners, and our community. We exist to forge bonds that strengthen as we and the world around us evolve.

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We approach the world differently

Polar was founded in 1991 in Toronto. Today, we’ve grown into a global alternative asset manager embracing our Canadian heritage. Our niche-oriented strategies attract the world’s preeminent investors. Ever-changing market conditions require significant investment in technology and infrastructure, and allow our people to accomplish our mission of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

“At Polar, we manage money for people with the utmost respect.”

Paul Sabourin, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

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Forging enduring bonds

Our leadership has worked on building a culture of integrity, collaboration, and generosity focused on serving the people we work for and the people we work with, in the spirit of partnership.

Our leadership

Photo of Paul Sabourin

Paul Sabourin

Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Photo of Tom Sabourin

Tom Sabourin

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Greg Lemaich

Greg Lemaich

President & Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Michael Beaton

Mike Beaton

Deputy CIO and Head of Portfolio Construction

Photo of Marina Lutova Meyers

Marina Lutova Meyers

Deputy CIO and Head of Credit

Photo of Bill Peckford

Bill Peckford

Deputy CIO and Head of Equities

Photo of Richard Puma

Rich Puma

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Les Young

Les Young

Head, Business Development & Investor Relations

Photo of Julia Whitfield

Julia Whitfield

Head of Talent

Photo of Alexander Bondarenko

Alexander Bondarenko

Chief Risk Officer

Photo of Andrew Ma

Andrew Ma

Chief Compliance Officer

Photo of Siddharth Ganesan

Siddharth Ganesan

Head of Technology

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Good people make all the difference

We believe in being generous with our time and expertise because growing collectively is how we define success. That’s why we invest in the growth and development of our talent.

Charging ahead together

Find out more about our approach to investing, from uncovering opportunities through thoughtful collaboration to mitigating risk across changing market conditions.